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I Found Just The Right Stuff To Let Go Of

By Norio De Sousa

Before we set out on our recent trip to Portugal and Panama, I decided that I would “allow” this trip to be about my spiritual awakening. I’ve long felt a bit lonely and disconnected from the “greater power” with only very tiny and passing glimpses into its presence and love. I can maybe count exactly […]


Time To Stab My Dreams In The Eye. Again.

By Norio De Sousa

Almost a year has passed since I threatened to “Murder Words”. And I hate making idle threats. It used to be a thing I was “known” for. I’d see people roll their eyes when I told them about my next “big idea”. And it hurt to see that. So somewhere along the line, I decided […]


From Murdering Tech to Murdering Words?

By Norio De Sousa

My name is Norio De Sousa and I’m a programmer known by my clients as “The Tech Assassin”. I’ve been doing web programming work for over 16 years now which means that I’ve pretty much seen it all and know how to fix pretty much any problem. Programming has been my bread and butter for […]