From Murdering Tech to Murdering Words?

My name is Norio De Sousa and I’m a programmer known by my clients as “The Tech Assassin”.

I’ve been doing web programming work for over 16 years now which means that I’ve pretty much seen it all and know how to fix pretty much any problem.

Programming has been my bread and butter for years but, a few years ago, I started studying internet marketing.

And that’s when I realised that internet marketers were struggling to find decent programmers because programmers just don’t speak their language.

And that’s where I’m different…

Not only do I understand internet marketing but I also DO internet marketing.

From writing a sales email a day for 12 straight weeks to building out survey funnels to split-testing landing pages, I’ve pretty much done it all.

And I’ve personally spent my own money testing my own ideas.

I’ve had $500 days and I’ve had -$300 days.

I’ve had 30% opt-in rates and I’ve had 4% opt-in rates.

So I know how it feels to be a marketer. And I also know how to use tech to make marketing easier.

But I don’t love programming.

Why I decided to start a blog

Ever since I realised that I don’t love programming, I’ve begun wondering what it is that I do love. What could I do that would energise me each day? What could make me excited to get out of bed each morning?

People say that if you work in your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.

But that’s really tough to do when you don’t know what your passion is.

That’s where I was. Frustrated and desperate to find some work to do that I could really enjoy.

I envied people who knew what their passions were. And felt even more envious of people who were already working in their passions.

And then…

I heard about the death of a guy – Scott Dinsmore – who made it his life mission to help people find their passions and live them.

I went to his website, Live Your Legend, and instantly fell in love with his message. He promised to help me “Find & Do Work You Love”.

“This is exactly what I need”, I thought.

So I signed up and did a little 27-question exercise to find my passions.

It took the best part of an afternoon to answer those questions but I was committed to discovering my passions.

I wasn’t going to let my day’s work get in the way of my life’s work. I’d had enough of that.

And what I found was that…

I loved the process of self-discovery but I also found that “effective communication” (as a concept) is an important part of who I am.

I literally believe that it is a key part of success as a human.

So I started this blog to discover myself and, at the same time, improve how I communicate to the world around me.

What I hope to get out of blogging

I think the very act of writing every day will be therapeutic for me and I (not so) secretly hope that this exercise will lead me to doing something powerful and meaningful with my life.

And yes, a part of me really hopes that this simple act of writing and expressing myself can become how I make my living.

About the author

Norio De Sousa

Norio is a Tech Assassin on a journey to becoming a Word Assassin.

  • Superb start. Hat off to you, sir…:-)

  • Look forward to it… go get’um and let me know how I can best support you in this

    • Thanks bud! Best thing you can do is keep commenting 😛 Makes me feel like my words aren’t just being eaten by a black hole somewhere 😉

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